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About Us

Dila Gokalp is an end-to-end residential interior design company for a discerning clientele. From concept to completion we offer an exceptional client experience, delivering crafted residences and multi-unit developments of unmistakable quality, in London and around the world.
About Us

Our Philosophy

DGD creates home interiors based on our founding principle: achieving liveable high quality within a whole environment of comfort and beauty.

Specializing in transitionally styled interiors, our interior designs bring harmonious, personal style to your home in a seamless blend of old and new.

When it comes to home interior design, DGD understands the importance of creating a personal haven reflective of your individual preferences, lifestyle and personality.

We do this in the context of timeless designs that are sensitive to your home’s architectural style and immediate surroundings, integrating the interiors carefully with the structure and site.
Why Us?

Your property, Our mission.

Our Collaborations

DILA GOKALP DESIGN is an international renowned Architecture and Interior Design practice based in London.
Internationally celebrated architectural and interior designer, Dila Gokalp has been creating spaces since she founded her multifaceted practice over 15 years ago.
As DGD, we have collaborated various companies from the industry to create new collections and as well as being representative of their products in the field.

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