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Luxury Lighting: Making Your Home Feel Ultra Glamorous
  -    -  Luxury Lighting: Making Your Home Feel Ultra Glamorous


Making Your Home Feel Ultra Glamorous

Achieving a lavish and luxury feel in your home can be difficult. Even with chic designer furniture, incorporating this season’s must-have Pantone color and enhancing with carefully chosen accessories, you may feel like something could be missing. The answer? Luxury lighting.
With the power to transform any room, this ambient accessory is more than just functional. That’s why we’ve put together this luxury lighting guide, to help you achieve opulence throughout your home.

Lots of Layering

Utilizing different light sources at various levels can be a subtle yet effective way to attain a more luxurious interior. From floor and table lamps to pendants and wall lights, using multiple light sources adds a soft glow throughout a room, for a harmonious and high-end feel from end to end.
For example, while a central ceiling pendant injects light into the living room, adding a floor lamp next to an armchair creates a cozy reading corner, while table lamps can showcase a designer sofa.

A Stylish Statement

Complementing your home’s aesthetic, investing in the right lighting can add those finishing touches for a stylish statement. From a Scandi-inspired interior to a raw, industrial theme, choosing lighting that reflects your décor can elevate the entire space.
In the dining area, a row of low hanging chandeliers can set off your exquisite table, while in the bedroom, dropping pendants and using as bedside lamps can frame the bed beautifully and make a lavish design statement.

Highlights and Features

Although inherently practical, when carefully placed, lighting has the power to do so much more. Rather than just brightening a space, lighting can be used to draw the eye to a focal point, enhance a feature, or bring your luxury finishes to life.
For example, in a spa bathroom, installing lights around the sink or above the bath can assist in creating a decadent and sensual feel. In the hallway, wall lighting can enhance artwork, turning your carefully selected pieces into an eye-catching feature

Lighting Levels

There are two important considerations when choosing lighting: atmosphere and temperature. Both can significantly impact how expensive and well designed your home feels, as well as altering the mood.
Selecting brighter bulbs can be advantageous in certain areas, while in others, lower wattage can create a warmer, more welcoming environment with a candle-like glow. Soft pendants can help when setting the tone of a kitchen, while bright, under-counter options are both practical and luxurious.

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