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lnterior Design Trend Of 2022
  -    -  lnterior Design Trend Of 2022



It’s always exciting when a new season arrives and it’s time to update your home decor trends. A new year begins and just like you’d refresh your wardrobe, with new accessories, maybe some new shoes or a coat, our interiors can also benefit from a bit of a refresh.



Organic and Round Shapes

The love for nature in our homes doesn’t just end with colors and plants. But also the furnishings and decor get a natural look. Expect to see more organic and rounded home decor and furniture in 2022.

Sofas’s with rounded edges, organic prints on decor and round and organic home decor pieces give your home a soft and natural look.



Vintage Furniture And Decor

Expect to see more vintage and antique furnishings and decor in the home trends for 2022. Shopping vintage is a great way to create a more sustainable home. Plus vintage and antique furnishings add a lot of character to your home interior.



Add Wallpaper In Unexpected Places

We all know that wallpaper is great on walls (as the name suggests). But you can add wallpaper in many other places. To create fun and pattern to your home. I have seen wallpaper in cabinets, on the ceiling and as a cover of a dull cabinet to make it blend into a room.



Emerald Green Decor

There seems to be a sharp increase in searches for emerald green home decor. Emerald green has been named Color of the Year 2022. Emerald green is a vibrant darker green hue which add a colorful luxurious touch to your home.

You can add emerald green to your home by painted the walls, but it is also great for tiles, (velvet) pillows and throws, bedding, glasswork, and art.



Natural Materials

One of the overall themes in the home decor trends for 2022 is nature. You can see that in the color trends 2022 and also in the way we decorate our homes (f.e. with plants). Furniture and decor in natural materials is an easy way to create a natural look in your home. Be sure to chose items where the materials are ethically sourced.



The 70s Are Back

But With A Modern Twist

Some people will shudder, thinking about 70s design. But in 2022 we seen 70s touches with a modern twist. Don’t expect that specific 70s orange color to make a comeback. But now the 70s trends is more focussed on warm earthy tones. But the warm atmosphere, curved furnishings and a mixture of patterns is something to look forward to in 2022.



Statement Lamps

The lamp is taking the spotlight in our homes in 2022. Lamps aren’t just for lighting your home but they are a statement piece on their own. The lamp is now an artistic object, and you can expect to see lamps in unique and sculptural shapes. This trend is easily combined with the vintage/antique trend we are seeing in 2022. 



Warm Neutral Tones

Life has been uncertain and hectic in the last couple of years. And I don’t expect any changes in 2022. Therefor many gravitate towards creating a home that feels warm and has a calm look.

Expect to see many warm neutral in interiors next year. With beige, browns and earthy tones creating this warm look in our 2022 homes.

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