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Incorporating Nature At Home: Wall Finishes
  -    -  Incorporating Nature At Home: Wall Finishes


We are continually inspired by the elements of nature and the calming, restorative effects their presence have on our wellbeing – in fact, it’s a significant concept behind our design philosophy. Clients often ask in what ways can they reflect nature in their homes with style yet ease, so we are here to show you some examples of how this can be done.

One of our favourite ways to incorporate nature in your home is through the application of wall finishes. There are many finishes we use direct from earth’s native materials; from clay to brick, from bamboo to limestone – attributing to texture and distinctiveness to your house.

By using natural textures in your wall coverings, you can both add interest to the room and bring to life otherwise plain, singular-toned walls. Different finishes will of course require different levels of care; we suggest seeking professional advice from a designer to achieve the best results for your selected room(s), with your style in cohesion.

Below we have detailed some of our favourite wall finishes and how the final designs looked in our clients’ homes.

1. Limewash Paint

Limewash paint is the perfect choice if you are looking for flourishes of varying tones and texture. Reminiscent of the bleached white, idyllic homes found in the Greek Islands, limewash is a paint which is both matte and mottled in appearance.

The textural component in the paint can be attributed to the organically occurring lime mineral in the mixture; taking us back to nature and evoking a rustic sentiment.

The discolouration effect is discreet but adds just the right amount of detail. We love the beautifully imperfect look this paint provides, as described in Japan as wabi-sabi, it is an example of finding splendour in naturally transpiring “flaws”.

2.Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper is a distinctive wall covering which provides texture in the form of hand-woven strands of natural fibres, such as hemp, seagrass and bamboo, set upon a rice paper backing.

When used subjectively, grasscloth can add warmth, texture and luxury to areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, studies and dining rooms – where the textiles set a cosy ambience. A fun fact about grasscloth is that each roll is unique and woven individually, so you’ll never get the same design twice.


3.Clay Plaster

Last but certainly not least, is one of the world’s earliest raw building materials – clay plaster – both naturally occurring and environmentally superior.  

Clay plaster is an impeccable wall finishing to use if you’re looking to create depth through its patina and tactile texture.

We hope this gave you some ideas on how to use texturised wall finishes in your home, bringing you a little bit closer to nature. If you’d like to see more from us like this, why not follow us on Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn, or sign up to our newsletter below for the latest updates.

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