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How To Choose The Perfect Color Palette For Your Luxury Home
  -    -  How To Choose The Perfect Color Palette For Your Luxury Home

Colour is a something serious, personal and highly distinctive. 

This is the case in all fields, from fashion all the way to interior design. Perhaps it is the most important element in design, in the widest sense.

Everything has a colour – white itself is a colour (and is not necessarily a space to be filled).

Choose the right colours palette, whatever the goal is therefore an extremely important and significant exercise. In some ways, it is the most important one and demands the highest level of attention and extreme observation of overall balance.

In this light, we would like to share a guide to the choice of colour. The simple notes and practical steps may help you to choose the right combinations of colours for your interiors. Those that are most in keeping with your tastes, style and your personality.

The Starting Point For Choosing The Right Colours Palette: The Chromatic Circle

The chromatic circle is the first step in choosing the colour palette. It helps you understand different concepts, such as primary, secondary and tertiary colours, so that you can see how they combine, mix and modulate with their different shades. Most models present 12 colours, but there are infinite potential variations.

The first concept to understand are the colour bases that are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

  • Primary: red, blue and yellow. These are the pure colours that cannot be created to mix with others.

  • Secondary: orange, green and purple. They are made by mixing 2 primary colours in equal parts (yellow and blue create green for example).

  • Tertiary: these are 6 colours that are created from a mix of primary and secondary colours.

The Central Room

Every house has one room that is the center of the home or, at the very least, the biggest one. This space can be the living room or the gallery, and can be what your entire house’s design is centered.  It can influence whether you are settling for bold confidence, soft elegance, coastal relaxation, or any other preferred design. 

This space is also the first impression your guests will receive upon entering your home and will  define the home. Therefore, the tone of this room is the most important. 

Complementary Colors

There are major design elements in each room that make it special, like the woodwork on the ceiling, the French doors leading out to a private garden, a grand sofa with a favorite pattern, a magnificent chandelier, a coffee table made from driftwood, or any other unique piece you find to include in your space. Since any room can have one feature that stands out, it is best to choose the color scheme that complements that piece.

Mix and match the colors of these features of the room with the color pattern. If you have a bold painting that you want to highlight, a soft background that enhances the color of the art is ideal.

Testing The Colors

Light can impact colors, so it is important to test every color to find the perfect shade for each area of the home. A recommendation is to paint large swaths of color on the wall and check them at different times of day and with different lighting features. Natural light and artificial light can change the look of your chosen colors, so figure out which shade will look best in your space and with your chosen lighting fixtures.

Be Creative In Your Color Palette

Paint can be a defining feature of your home and will be something you have to live with for a long time, unless you prefer to renovate your home frequently. A one dimensional palette can often look dull and be boring as time passes and, when you spend the time and money to build a luxury custom home that reflects your personality, you want your interior design to enhance the look of it.

Interior design trends are leaning towards using multiple color schemes for the same room, and blending the colors with shape, scale, light, texture, pattern, and balance to enhance the overall look.  For example, one wall can be a textured fabric in a neutral color and you can then add bright accents of green, orange, melon and yellow.  Furniture forms, lighting fixtures, wood, and metal tones can balance the colors for  a soft contemporary design. 


Your home is a place where you should feel the most comfortable. When deciding on any colors, furnishings, or finishes, you must stay true to yourself and come up with a design that will reflect your personality. If you need a little help, the award-winning interior designers of Dila Gokalp Design are available to create your perfect color palette and then find the furnishings to complete the look.  Contact Dila Gokalp Design to start your path towards the perfect interior design.

August 6, 2018
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